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At one time, we advocated “reform of the (Mass) reform” but not any more. We now believe that nothing short of a full restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass will end the liturgical chaos in the Church. Read an excellent article on the differences between the old and new rites, which we encourage you to download and distribute as widely as possible; then read about the concerns of top prelates when the new Mass was initiated. And don’t miss the publication entitled ‘62 reasons why Catholics cannot, in good conscience, attend the new Mass’. Now read Canon 13 ‘On the Sacraments in General’ of the Council of Trent forbidding anyone from creating a new Mass. Finally enjoy this short talk on video by a traditional priest, before visiting our Mass in Pictures page to learn more about the Traditional rite of Mass at your own pace.  There are some diocesan Traditional Masses in Scotland since publication of Summorum Pontificum. The SSPX also provide Masses in the UK / Masses outside the UK

Mass in Pictures…

Click here to  see video interview Communion in the hand: a Bishop speaks…